School Principles


At Parklea Primary School we will ensure that all pupils have an excellent experience of school and that they will be very well equipped for the next stage of their education. As such the following represents a statement of the values and ethos of the school.

The Governors and staff of our school endorse the following principles: 

  • We will take all necessary steps to ensure a safe learning environment for all.
  • We hold the highest expectations of behaviour, effort and learning for all. 
  • We will promote a positive atmosphere that inspires excellence so that all individual and groups of children achieve their very best. 
  • We will celebrate success often and freely, so that good citizenship, effort, attainment, punctuality and attendance are recognised and rewarded. 
  • All members of the school community will have a voice and a responsibility to make the school the best it can be.  
  • We will work hard to promote a supportive and effective partnership between pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider community. 
  • Leadership will be developed in and expected from all, including setting an example to each other of respect, care and resilience at all times. We will take every opportunity to help each other to develop and improve through support and encouragement. 
  • We will provide a rich and challenging curriculum that is highly relevant to pupils’ needs and contributes to outstanding learning and achievement in reading, writing, communication and numeracy as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Every opportunity will be taken to promote pupils’ emotional, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development to enable them to thrive in a supportive and highly cohesive learning community. Children will be provided with a strong sense of community within the school and at a local and global level. 
  • As a staff, we recognise our own responsibility as learners to be open, thoughtful and willing to do everything necessary to be outstanding.